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Daniel Bell: The China Model

April 13, 2016 - 19:00

Daniel Bell is introducing his latest book The China Model in the Copenhagen bookstore, Tranquebar:

Daniel Bell has written a controversial book, The China Model, hard to digest for many Western readers, as he is questioning what most people in our part of the world see as fundamental truths. For all those who are interested in the rise of China, and interested in trying to understand society and politics in the Middle Kingdom, Bell is providing ideas that are timely, relevant, highly original, and hugely important to consider. He is furthermore among the few scholars who are able to present complicated issues in a plain and fascinating way, easy to follow and thus interesting, also for non-specialists.

Venue: Tranquebar Bookstore in Copenhagen, Borgergade 14, 1300 København K

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Daniel Bell: The China Model


April 13, 2016