Decoupling: A crisis of interdependence or the end of globalisation?

13:00 to 14:30
Online Talk

The University of Nottingham’s Taiwan Studies Programme and Asia Scotland Institute present a joint online webinar with an expert panel discussing.


The term “decoupling” has been used by many analysts to describe the lessening of political, investment, trade, innovation, and digital links between China and the West. In the USA, the recent origins of decoupling can be traced to 2018, when President Trump imposed tariffs on solar panels and washing machines imported from China. Later that year China imposed duties of 178% on Sorghum imports from the USA. The US-China trade war escalated. The growing restrictions on trade in certain goods has been continually worsened since then, by the Covid-19 pandemic from 2019, the war in Ukraine after the Russian invasion, and the heightened tensions around Taiwan. What was at first a China-US issue is now becoming a global question of whether decoupling is a lessening of interdependence between trading nations or the end of globalisation. To discuss this question we have a panel of multidisciplinary experts.

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University of Nottingham's Taiwan Studies Programme and Asia Scotland Institute

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