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Film seminar: “Zen at War: A Documentary and Discussion”

May 21, 2013 - 12:00-13:30

Introductory comments by Professor Brian Victoria.

The 58 minute documentary “Zen and War” was produced by the Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation of the Netherlands in 2009. This documentary, based on Victoria’s 1997 book Zen at War, features, for the first time, contemporary Japanese Zen masters attempting to explain why their predecessors became such strong, if not fanatical, supporters of Japanese militarism. The film is narrated in Dutch, English and Japanese, with English subtitles for the Dutch and Japanese sections. Essentially it is a case study of institutional religion’s involvement in the sacralization of violence, aka, “holy war,” as manifested by Buddhism in twentieth century Japan.”   

Please read more about the seminar, and about how to register. 

Venue: Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo.

Film seminar: “Zen at War: A Documentary and Discussion”


May 21, 2013