Fokus -Totos of Totopara

12:00 to 16:00
Book Launch and Exhibition

‘Totos Of Totopara- An Indigenous Tribe In A Globalised World’ is a self published photo-video book on the indigenous Toto tribe of India.

Totos are one of the smallest indigenous tribes in the world. They only reside in Totopara, a village sitting at the foothills of Himalayas along the border of West Bengal in India and Bhutan. They were once on the brink of extinction and now, their population is estimated at 1,629 (as per the village’s census in 2021). 

An indigenous tribe that’s now embracing different facets of globalisation, some gracefully, some due to the force of the inevitable. A tribe that is trying best to maintain a balance between the traditional culture and the allure of assimilation with city life. Totos – a little known indigenous community is on the brink of a takeover by modernisation.

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Asianettverket, University of Oslo
'Boksen', Kulturhuset Oslo

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