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Ford Foundation grant to NIAS scholars

September 22, 2021 - 05:01

Min Dongchao (NIAS), Cecilia Milwertz (NIAS) and Qi Wang (University of Southern Denmark) have received a US$ 25.000 grant from the Ford Foundation Beijing for the book Reversing the Travelling – transnational feminism from China to the world, which they are editing. The grant is one of ten grants issued on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the UN Women’s Conference being held in Beijing in 1995.

The analytical concept of ‘gender’ travelled to academia in the PRC in connection with the convening of the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. Over the past twenty years gender studies academics in the PRC have developed sophisticated gender analysis to study social, cultural, economic and political issues with a feminist view to addressing and transforming unequal and unjust power relations. However, as many PRC academics publish solely in Chinese, much of this work is not available to a non-Chinese reading audience. This means that the gender studies knowledge that is being produced within the PRC is generally unknown outside of China.

The aim of this book is to reverse the travelling of transnational feminist knowledge by making recent, feminist, innovative and challenging PRC social science gender studies available to university students, teachers and researchers who do not read Chinese, but have an interest in gender issues and feminist studies in the PRC, or more broadly in the travelling and applications of feminist theory.  

Ford Foundation grant to NIAS scholars


September 22, 2021