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Gender and higher education in the time of reforms

October 29, 2012 - 14:00

Open lecture with Prof. Mary E. John, Centre for Women’s Development Studies, New Delhi (CWDS).

The current moment of higher education reforms in India has yet to receive sustained attention from scholars and activists. Historically speaking, women’s education occupied a central place from the nineteenth century to the first decades of India’s independence, but, curiously, lost prominence with the onset of the women’s movement and the introduction of women’s studies in the academy in the 1980s and since then. Although the participation of women in higher education shows steady improvement and a narrowing of the gender gap, the article examines national-level data to reveal the complex and elusive forms being currently assumed by gender discrimination. This includes recognising that disparities among women from different social groups are greater than those among men of the same groups. Secondly, many of the contexts where gender gaps have closed are also characterised by adverse child sex ratios due to practices of sex selection. Taken together, the current era of expansion in higher education demands analysis from a gendered perspective.

Place: Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Scheelevägen 15, room Alfa 1010

Gender and higher education in the time of reforms


October 29, 2012