Genres of Translation of Swedish Literature in Taiwan: the Past, the Present and Predictions

15:00 to 16:30
Online lecture

Institute for Security & Development Policy welcomes to this webinar on January 26, 2022!  


Translation has played a significant role in Taiwanese literature, while Sweden has been a prominent exporter of translated literature to other countries and languages. Translations of Swedish literature have therefore occupied a subtle but undeniable position in Taiwan’s literary production. However, literature is a living organism that gradually interacts with and is influenced by the societies involved. In the course of this interaction it develops new forms and reveals new trends and tendencies.     

Using relevant statistics, related materials and clearly outlined perspectives, this lecture will give a brief overview of the main genres that have been translated into Chinese from Swedish literature (where the source language may be Swedish but not necessarily Swedish) in Taiwan so far. It will also make a first attempt to analyse which genres are likely to become more prominent in the foreseeable future. 

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