Green Transition: Nordic and Korean Strategies for Sustainable Finance

09:00 to 10:40

Climate change is at the heart of the peace and security agenda of the 21st century. The ultimate ‘threat multiplier’, climate change worsens existing social, economic and environmental issues. In the aftermath of COP26, the global conversation has steered towards the practical implementation of the Paris Agreement and how to actually keep the global average temperature under the 1,5C mark.

Sustainable finance has taken the spotlight as nations across the globe scramble to finance the green energy transition before the 2030 deadline. Collective cooperation to ensure efficient investments for both public and private sector, domestically and abroad, in areas that will actually decrease the pace of climate change and ensure human security is of vital importance. Strategies that will enable concrete implementation on a variety of levels, from an international scale, down to the local, must be developed.   

The Nordics and South Korea, as global leaders in the green energy transition with large-scale commitments to the greening of developing nations, are at the very center of this conversation. They can not only learn from each other’s experiences but also leverage their advantages to initiate Europe-Asia cooperation on green energy transition. The ISDP is therefore delighted to bring together five experts from both the public and private spheres to this webinar to facilitate knowledge sharing and discussions about sustainable finance and the green transition.     

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Institute for Security & Development Policy (ISDP)