Hong Kong in Crisis – Assessing the Impact of the Crackdown

10:00 to 11:30

In this webinar, Professor Joseph Yu-Shek Cheng will examine Hong Kong’s state of affairs since the riots in late 2019. He will discuss the difficulties faced by the pro-democracy movement and its limited options as well as the Chinese authorities’ strategic willingness to ‘pay the price’.

Joseph Yu-Shek Cheng is the retired Professor of Political Science and Coordinator of the Contemporary China Research Project, City University of Hong Kong. As an independent researcher and writer since 2015, he publishes widely on the political developments in China and Hong Kong, Chinese foreign policy, and development in southern China. His latest books include Political Development in Hong Kong (2020), and Evaluation of the C.Y. Leung Administration (2020). He served as the Convener of the Alliance for True Democracy in Hong Kong, Rector of the New School for Democracy, and is a trustee of the Justice Defence Fund in Hong Kong.

Torbjörn Lodén, Head of ISDP’s Stockholm China Center, will moderate the event.

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