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Invitation to CBCI Lecture

February 28, 2013 - 17:30-19:00

Georg Brandes and the cultural modernization of China
by Sune Berthelsen, chairman of The Georg Brandes Society
When groups of young artists formulated ideas and shaped modern Chinese literature around The First World War they fundamentally reacted against classical Chinese culture.
The life and opinions of Danish literary critic Georg Brandes played a significant role in this defining movement. The ideas about how to use literature to discuss modernization and emancipation of society that Brandes had introduced in Scandinavia inspired this generation of young Chinese intellectuals.
During the Cold War the most important European literary influence in China came through the Soviet Union. Brandes, who had inspired some of the important writers and cultural intellectuals in The Soviet Union came once again by the back door to China in this second wave of cultural modernization.
The question is: is Brandes and the ideas he and his generation reflected relevant for modern China in their new and rapid process of transition?
Sune Berthelsen is chairman of The Georg Brandes Society and senior teacher in history and literature at Naerum Gymnasium.

The lecture takes place at: 

   Copenhagen Business School

   Dalgas Have 15

   2000 Frederiksberg

   Room: D1Ø 001

This lecture is free of charge. Please sign up before the lecture using the link below (last day for registration is February 26):


Invitation to CBCI Lecture


February 28, 2013