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Korean Intellectuals’ Views on Japan in the 1900s-1920s

December 4, 2012 - 15:00-17:00

Korean Studies Section, Seminars fall 2012
Vladimir Tikhonov, University of Oslo

As a colonizing power, Japan was a legitimate target for the nationalist hatred on the part of Korea’s modernist, patriotic intellectuals. At the same time, it is important to notice that negative emotions towards Japan were often mixed with the admiration of Meiji state’s success in establishing itself as a modern power. In a way, Japan was seen as an “inimical Other” and a modernization model of sorts at the same time. However, Japan’s “imitative” modernization also earned the scorn of some Korean intellectuals who saw Japan as simply a “bad copy” of the modern European states. And, all the assimilationist rhetoric of the Japanese colonialists notwithstanding, Japanese were perceived as mostly alien Others on the interpersonal level.

Place: Stockholm University, Kräftriket 4B, Aulan (Auditorium).
Location: 0.8 km south of T-bana Universitetet, /Frescati; ’Albano’ by hus 40, 70 or 670

Web: http://www.orient.su.se/

Korean Intellectuals’ Views on Japan in the 1900s-1920s


December 4, 2012