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Meeting Marx and Weber in Bangkok

September 4, 2012 - 13:00-15:00

<em><img alt="" src="http://nias.ku.dk/sites/default/files/images/logo_su_se_big_dark_blue.gif" style="width: 145px; height: 130px; margin: 10px; float: right; " /><strong>Seminar series East and Southeast Asian Transformations</strong></em>

<strong>Lecturer: Prof. Kevin Hewison </strong>

Kevin Hewison is the Weldon Thornton Distinguished Professor of Asian Studies in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is also the Director of UNC's Carolina Asia Center and a co-editor of the Journal of Contemporary Asia. In the recent period of political crisis in Thailand, there was talk of challenges to an old order. There was also much discussion of class and monarchy. In his paper, in assessing whether the political crisis has been something of a political turing point for the country, prof. Hewison returns to Marx and Weber to use class, status and party as social and political benchmarks for assessing change.

The paper will be available for download at <a href="http://www.asiastudies.su.se" target="_blank">www.asiastudies.su.se </a>

The seminar will be followed by a reception

Venue: Room F702 (building F, 7th floor), Department of Political Science, Stockholm University

Please RSVP to <a href="mailto:eva.hansson@statsvet.su">eva.hansson@statsvet.su</a>.se no later than 3 September.

If you have any questions please contact <a href="mailto:eva.hansson@statsvet.su.se">eva.hansson@statsvet.su.se</a>. 

You can also consult <a href="http://www.asianstudies.su.se" target="_blank">www.asianstudies.su.se</a> or <a href="http://www.facebook.com/ForumAsianStudies" target="_blank">www.facebook.com/ForumAsianStudies</a> for more information.

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We look forward to stimulating discussions on 4 September!
Meeting Marx and Weber in Bangkok


September 4, 2012