NIAS and CHERN’s joint training school in qualitative China research needs your opinion!

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The Nordic Institute for Asian Studies (NIAS) together with China in Europe Network (CHERN) will arrange training in the use of computational social science methods in qualitative China research, in order to make the methods better known among European China scholars.

CHERN member organizer of the Training School Outi Luova would like to collect your preferences regarding the content of the training. Please fill out this survey before 10th August.

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This initiative responds to two recent developments. Firstly, the exponential expansion in the amount of accessible digital materials, and secondly, the increasing difficulties to travel and conduct field research in China due to various reasons such as the pandemic. Furthermore, the use of big data and computational research methods are highly interesting as they enable researchers to utilize new datasets and ask novel research questions.

The aim is to organize two types of events:

1) Online webinar(s) in late October 2021 to provide basic introductions about the opportunities that computational research methods provide for the study of contemporary China

2) Training workshop (2 or 3 days) in early March 2022 at NIAS at the University of Copenhagen.
The contents of the training workshop will be planned so that participants do not need to have any previous knowledge of programming languages (such as Python or R). However, knowledge about coding is an advantage.

Access CHERN’s guide to training schools here.

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