Open Seminar/Webinar: The Myanmar Spring Revolution: What, Why and How?

14:00 to 15:00

Myanmar Spring matured and became a full-fledged revolution on 7 September 2021, when the National Unity Government of Myanmar declared an armed people’s self-defence or war against the oppressive Myanmar military or Tatmadaw. This presentation, organised by Stockholm Center for Global Asia, will trace the six-month trajectory of Myanmar Spring that began on 1 February, when Tatmadaw mounted a coup and overthrew the democratically elected and re-elected National League for Democracy. Myanmar Spring has three components, and they work in tandem and are interrelated and interdependent. The components are: 1) nationwide mass protests and flash mobs; 2) the civil disobedience movement (CDM) of government employees and staff of some essential private enterprises such as banks; and 3) an armed revolution. Based on ethnographic research conducted by Nyi Nyi Kyaw in Myanmar (December 2020–June 2021), digital research (1 February 2021–), and interviews, two questions will be addressed: What is Myanmar Spring? Why are we witnessing it? And how is it advancing towards the goal of toppling the Tatmadaw?


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