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Panel Discussion at HUMAN International Film Festival on “Ingredients for Protest”

March 7, 2021 - 14:00-15:00

Ingredients for Protest

In spite of the pandemic, 2020 has been a year of protest worldwide. In Asia, citizens have stood their ground in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy uprising and shaken the roots of Thailand’s monarchy. And the largest farmer protest in history is currently taking place in India. INGREDIENTS FOR PROTEST explores some of the novel strategies used by contemporary movements for social and political change.

From improvised soup kitchens to settlements of resistance, public spaces on the frontlines have become sites of mobilization, contestation and learning. Through this panel discussion, we aim to shed light on the strategies of public dissent, creative uses of public space and new forms of activism that these movements have created.


  • Kenneth Bo Nielsen, Associate professor of social anthropology, coordinator of the Norwegian network for Asian Studies, Oslo
  • Kisnaphol Wattanawanyoo: Architect, based in Bangkok
  • Amandeep Sandhu: Writer and journalist for Caravan, Scroll and The Hindu, based in Bangalore, India
  • Merve Bedir: Architect, based in Hong Kong
  • Chong Suen- Artist and researcher based in Hong Kong

Moderator: Sarah Kazmi – Interdisciplinary artist, writer and researcher, based between Oslo and Karachi.

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Panel Discussion at HUMAN International Film Festival on “Ingredients for Protest”


March 7, 2021


HUMAN Film Festival