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PhD Master Class: Popular Geopolitics: The Role of Film, TV, and Other Media in Contemporary International Relations

November 20, 2014 - 00:00-November 22, 2014 - 00:00

PhD master class with professor Robert A. Saunders, Farmingdale, State College, Department of History and Political Science, at the Department of Cross-cultural and regional studies, University of Copenhagen
This master class will address the relatively new field of popular geopolitics, highlighting the ground-breaking work of key scholars within the discipline (Ó Tuathail, Dodds, Dittmer, Debrix, Sharp, et al.). After discussing the marriage of critical geopoliticswith media studies, our programme will examine how geographies are constructed and maintained in a mass-mediated world where television programs, video games, comic books, motion pictures, and web sites have emerged as importan  sources of everyday geopolitical “knowledge.” In an effort to provide a comparative component, we will discuss the complex interplay between cultural stereotypes, geopolitical imaginaries, and international relations vis-à-vis the mediation of Russia/ Eastern Europe, the Arab-Muslim world, East Asia, and Latin America. We will also interrogate the unique role played by the Soviet Union’s geopolitical space during the Cold War, and how this cultural baggage influences current reception of post-Soviet Eurasia and the Russian Federation in the popular (Western) mind.
Mandatory readings and active participation in seminar discussions. Participants should prepare a short presentation relating to their own research agenda in relation to the themes of the course, e.g. ‘a brief analysis of the representation of post-Soviet Russia in Danish popular culture’ or ‘an interrogation of African geopolitics in the film Blood Diamond (2006)’. Further instructions and syllabus/readinglist to follow. All texts are available in electronic form.
Deadline for submission of applications:
Please send a letter of motivation (1
page), CV and PhD abstract (max. 2 pages) no later than 3 November 2014 to
2,2 ECTS for presentation during the seminar
0,7 ECTS for participation without presentation
For more information: phd.humanities.ku.dk/courses/ or contact assistant professor Tine Roesen, swl117@hum.ku.dk
Venue: Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen


PhD Master Class: Popular Geopolitics: The Role of Film, TV, and Other Media in Contemporary International Relations


November 20, 2014 - 00:00
November 22, 2014 - 00:00