Reconciling Different Approaches to Conceptualizing the Glocalization of the Belt and Road Initiative Projects

14:00 to 15:00

The Institute for Security and Development Policy are honored to welcome Dr. Julie Yu-Wen Chen who is Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Helsinki in Finland, to talk at this webinar.

In response to a rising number of academic papers that empirically examine local variances in China’s Belt and Initiative (BRI) projects in various foreign lands, Dr. Julie Chen’s presentation will pinpoint the difficulties that attempting to theorize BRI projects brings with them.

The Sino-localized approach and the assemblage theory were the two main attempts used by scholars from disparate academic disciplines to conceptualize local agency and to understand how local conditionalities, practices, and norms may affect the outcome of BRI projects. Nonetheless, Dr. Chen’s key argument is that it is vital to examine both differences and similarities of current BRI projects to  determine whether the local conditions and Beijing’s aims are, in fact, irreconcilable.

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