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Redefining International Political Relations – China, the USA, EU and Russia

February 13, 2017 - 14:45-17:30

Lecture at CBCI by Sun Zhe

China has always emphasized that it will seek peaceful development and strengthen international cooperation. However, by developing into a major world economic power, China itself is becoming a source of potential instability vis-à-vis the existing world order.

The lecture will begin with an analysis of China’s domestic and foreign policy behavior under President Xi Jinping and then move on to examine China’s relations to the USA, EU and Russia respectively.

Under Xi Jinping’s leadership, has China’s domestic changes slowed its open door policy and thus affected its foreign policy? Has China changed its view on the current international system? What will happen in the next decade for China’s bilateral relationships with major powers, in particular with the U.S. under President Donald J. Trump, a European Union facing new challenges, and Putin’s Russia which has confronted the Western powers? Will China act as a balance to the overwhelming military and political power of the West?

The lecture will conclude that the major powers may have to re-define their positions in the world to achieve more global cooperation and responsibility.

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Redefining International Political Relations – China, the USA, EU and Russia


February 13, 2017


Copenhagen Business School PH RS.20
Porcelænshaven 22
Frederiksberg, 2000 Denmark
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