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Research Seminar: “Current challenges for Chinese cities – City branding as an entry point”

February 21, 2013 - 15:30-17:00

The Presentation at the Research Seminar is by Dr. Wen Chunying
Vice director, Asia Media Research Center, Communication University of China

Introduction to the Presentation
China’s rapid urbanization has made society as taut as bow. In the coming decades, where will this swift urbanization take China? This speech reflects on the course of China’s urban development and asserts the marvelous success of China’s urbanization since market reforms began 30 years ago. At the same time, we will look at city branding as an entry point to focus on the mounting issues and questions that Chinese cities face at this point, such as their lack of understanding of the importance of city branding, their de- -centralized organizational approach, their lack of a core methodological approach, and a pure lack of funding resources. This article seeks to make sense of the bewildering complexity of Chinese city branding and find a way forward. We will introduce four essential components to improving city branding: correct understanding, brand positioning, organizational approach, and the use of mass media. The issue of solving the many problems with Chinese city branding, however, is not something that will be easily accomplished. It will be a long and arduous path. It will not be so much an issue of dedication and intellect as so much of confidence, patience, and professional competency. 
Bio: Dr. Wen Chunying
Associate professor Dept. of Advertising, Communication University of China. PRC
Researcher Institute for Marketing Information, Communication University of China. PRC.
Ph.D. from Dept. of Communication, Seoul National University (SNU), Seoul, Korea
Place: House of Marketing (House 7D) Kräftriket, School of Business, Stockholm University, Roslagsvägen 101

Information can also be found on: http://www.fek.su.se/en/About-us/News-archive/Welcome-to-Research-Seminar/

Contact person: Emma Björner: ebj@fek.su.se, 070-9455988.

Research Seminar: “Current challenges for Chinese cities – City branding as an entry point”


February 21, 2013