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Resettling the herders to towns: Development, culture and conflict in Tibet

October 30, 2013 - 12:15-13:15


Development is a complex and contested concept, especially in politically charged contexts such as Tibet. In this talk, I will first provide a brief history of the narratives of development in Tibet before and after the Chinese takeover. I will then outline the case of Sanjiangyuan as an instance of Chinese state development interventions in Tibet, and its subsequent implications for local herders and their environment. I argue that Chinese development in Tibet, although top-down and authoritarian, is multidimensional in the sense that diverse actors invoke the concept differently based on their own interests and value. Some local elites operating within the party-state system play a signficant role in counteracting and negotiating the dominant state development discourse. Finally, I discuss the intended effects and unintended side effects of state development intervention on local pastoral communities, and conclude with a few thoughts on the overall development situation in Tibet.

Tashi Nyima is a PhD candidate at IKOS and has recently handed in his dissertation on the resettling of herders in contemporary Tibet.

The seminar is open for everybody: students, teachers and people from society at large. Bring your lunchbox, and we’ll supply some (non-alcoholic) drinks.


Location: Niels Treschows hus, Oslo


More information here.

Resettling the herders to towns: Development, culture and conflict in Tibet


October 30, 2013