Roundtable Discussion: “Migration Futures and Transnationalism Scholarship: Pandemic Times, Uncertain Mobilities and the End of the ‘Age of Migration'”

10:00 to 12:30

It has been argued that stalled international mobility and the rise of economic nationalism and xenophobia against migrants in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic spell the end of the age of global migrations. For some time to come, devastated economies and unprecedented high rates of high unemployment will be less dependent on migrant workers to fill seasonal and skill shortages in the labour force in ‘a reversal of a decades-long trend’ (Gamlen, 2020). In this virtual roundtable, organized by the Asian Research Institute of the National University of Singapore, contributors to the forthcoming Handbook of Transnationalism (Yeoh and Collins, 2022) discuss the impact of these developments for transnationalism scholarship and migration futures.

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