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SASNET Seminar on Fragile Peace in Kashmir

November 14, 2013 - 15:15-17:00

SASNET organises a seminar entitled ”Fragile Peace in Kashmir. Is there any way forward?” on Thursday 14 November 2013. It is again held in collaboration with the Dept.of Sociology and the School of Social Work at Lund University. The main speaker willl be Professor Sten Widmalm from the Dept. of Government, Uppsala University, who will talk about ”How to build peace in the world’s most dangerous place”. The second invited speaker is PhD Candidate Muhammad Farooq Sulehri from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, UK. 

The seminar is immediately followed by the screening of a three hours long documentary film on Kashmir in Pahari language (with English subtitles). It is entitled ”Lakeer” (The Divided Line) and is produced by film maker Ali Daalat, a British Kashmiri who is also a fiction writer and local councillor in Rochdale, UK. The film will be shown at Kino cinema at 17.30. 

Full information about the film.

In his presentation, Prof. Widmalm will focus on the issue that peace in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir to a large extent depends on whether confidence in democracy can be revived on the ground. However, stability is also decided by the development in other parts of India. It hinges on how the ruling Congress (I) government manages to handle issues relating to governance and communalism. It also depends on what advances Hindu nationalists will be making in the near future. Finally, the prospects for peace are also conditioned by the political stability in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Widmalm’s presentation will focus on how all these factors interconnect, and how the paths towards sustainable peace must begin by building support for political tolerance. 

Venue for the seminar: Department of Sociology, Conference room 1, Paradisgatan 5, Lund.

SASNET Seminar on Fragile Peace in Kashmir


November 14, 2013