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SASNET seminar on Madeleine Slade, Romain Rolland and Gandhi: Friendship and Work

April 11, 2014 - 14:15-16:00

Romain Rolland with Mahatma Gandhi. Madeleine Slade – Mira Behn.

Susan Visvanathan, Professor of Sociology at the Centre for the Study of Social Systems at Jawaharlal Nehru Unversity (JNU) in Delhi, will hold a SASNET lecture at Lund University. 

The presentation is based on Prof. Visvanathan’s essay entitled “Romain Rolland and Gandhi”, published in Think India, Vol.10 (2) April-June 2007. She looks at the way in which Khadi or homespun cloth becames the symbol of the Indian Freedom Movement. Romain Rolland, who was a close friend of Madeleine Slade, sent her to Mahatma Gandhi in India. In the years that followed, Slade became a close companion to Gandhi, and was known as Mira Behn. Going beyond the friendships, was the momentum of ideas, and the forgeing of the plan for freedom for individuals and communities. The paper looks at how this compulsion towards autonomy in a war torn world, makes three intellectuals put aside their personal travails in order to stand as symbols for a more humane world.
Susan Visvanathan is the author of The Christians of Kerala: History, Belief and Ritual among the Yakoba (OUP 1993), An Ethnography of Mysticism (IIAS 1998), Friendship, Interiority and Mysticism (Orient Blackswan 2007), The Children of Nature: The Life and Legacy of Ramana Maharshi (Roli 2012), and Reading Marx, Weber and Durkheim Today (Palmleaf Publications 2012). She is the editor of Structure and Transformation:Theory and Society in India (OUP 2001), and Culture and Society (Sage 2014). Besides, she is also the author of several works of fiction. Nelycinda and Other Stories (Roli 2012) is her latest work, dealing with diaspora communities in Kerala from the 3rd century AD to the present.

Venue: Conference room 3, Dept. of Sociology, Paradisgatan 5 G, Lund.


SASNET seminar on Madeleine Slade, Romain Rolland and Gandhi: Friendship and Work


April 11, 2014