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SASNET seminar on the Baltistan Movement and the Role of Pop Ghazals

November 15, 2012 - 12:30

On Thursday 15 November 2012 Associate Professor Jan Magnusson, School of Social Work, Lund University holds a SASNET lunch seminar on ”The Baltistan Movement and the Political Power of Pop Ghazals”, focusing on on the political role of pop ghazal music in Baltistan, an area in the western Himalayas on both sides of the border between India and Pakistan. It will be the third SASNET Brown Bag seminar for the fall semester 2012, held in collaboration with Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund (ABF) Lund, and Lunds konsthall. Venue: Konsthallen, Mårtenstorget 3, Lund.
Dr Magnusson will talk about his research on the political role of pop ghazal music in Baltistan. This region in the western Himalayas is characterized by its blend of Muslim Shi’ite and Tibetan culture, and its vernacular Tibetan dialect. The Balti pop ghazals are modern versions of an Arabic poetic tradition and present an alternative narrative of local history and belonging that is situated in a Himalayan rather than South Asian context. The pop ghazals have become symbolic in local resistance against attempts of India and Pakistan to integrate the Balti people in the postcolonial nationstates and are at the core of the so called Baltistan Movement’s activities. See the seminar poster. 

SASNET organises Brown Bag lunch seminars in collaboration with ABF, Sweden’s  largest adult liberal education association, and the municipal art gallery of Lund (Lunds konsthall). As usual, lectures are given by eminent Lund University researchers working on South Asia related projects, and are held once a month on Thursdays. The remaining 2012 seminar will be held held on 6 December (Dr. Emily Baird, Department of Biology). Programme for the fall 2012 (as a pdf-file)

SASNET seminar on the Baltistan Movement and the Role of Pop Ghazals


November 15, 2012