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SASNET seminar with Krishnan Srinivasan on Europe and Emerging Asia

May 7, 2013 - 13:15-17:00

Dr. Krishnan Srinivasan, Research Fellow at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS) in Uppsala during the academic year 2012/13, holds a SASNET lecture at Lund University.

He will speak about ”Europe’s engagement with Emerging Asia; reflections on a new roadmap”.
The seminar is organised in collaboration with the Dept. of Political Science.

Venue: Conference room 013, Dept. of Political Science, Lund.

Srinivasan is both a scholar and a diplomat (retired). He graduated from Christ Church, Oxford and joined the Indian diplomatic service i 1959. After serving as ambassador to several countries, he was appointed Commonwealth deputy secretary-general until 2002. He has held academic appointments at Oxford, Cambridge, the Netherlands and India where he is Honorary Professor at ASCI Hyderabad and Fellow of the Maulana Azad Institute for Asian Studies at Kolkata.

During his stay in Uppsala, Srinivasan is working on a monograph on the future relationship between Europe and the emerging powers of Asia. He argues that with the economic downturn in Europe and the grpwth in politico-economic assertiveness among some Asian nations, these interactions will require reflection, introspection, and a re-set.

More information about the Lund University seminar will follow.

SASNET seminar with Krishnan Srinivasan on Europe and Emerging Asia


May 7, 2013