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Seminar on Radical Thai history in Lund

October 10, 2014 - 14:15-16:00

The 1912 Revolt and the legacy of Republicanism in Thailand
by Preedee Hongsaton, Department of History, Thammasat University i Bangkok

The first attempt to turn the Kingdom of Thailand into a republic can be traced back to a group of revolutionaries in the early 20th C – the R.S. 130 Revolt (1912 CE). Members of the R.S.130 were military and bureaucrats, many of whom were trained in Europe. Based on studies of the group leaders’ published memoirs and other archival documents, the talk will show how and why the plan to turn absolute monarchy to republic failed, hence a ‘revolt’ not a ‘revolution’. Despite the compromise of a constitutional monarchy established 1932, the legacy of this early republicanism and revolutionary sentiment can be found in the present day Thailand.

Venue: LUX-huset sal C337, Lund, Sweden

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Seminar on Radical Thai history in Lund


October 10, 2014