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Seminar on Welfare State Regimes in East and West

October 29, 2018 - 10:00-12:30

The seminar will include:

  • Welcome by Janus Hansen, Head of Sociology Department
  • Presentation by Chan-Ung Park, Yonsei University and Peter Abrahamson, Dept. of Sociology, UCPH:
    Approaching the care crisis East and West: Comparing Family Policies in East Asia and Scandinavia
    The paper is designed so that Scandinavia acts as a baseline, viewed as an ideal-typical universal regime against which policies in East Asia are measured. It concentrates on developments in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Both similarities and differences among these three states are discussed and it is concluded that there is a huge discrepancy between intended legislation and actual take-up across East Asia. Hence, so far the intensification of family policies have not been able to challenge the low fertility equilibrium in the region.
  • Presentation by Sarah Swider, Dept. of Sociology, UCPH
    (title tba)
  • Presentation by Mikkel Dehlholm, Dept. of Sociology, UCPH
    Welfare state dynamics and taxonomy East and West: Towards as methodological globalist approach to welfare regime studies
  • Discussion

All are welcome!


More information

Seminar on Welfare State Regimes in East and West


October 29, 2018


room 16.2.55, Øster Farimagsgade 5, CSS, University of Copenhagen


Asian Dynamics Initiative
Yonsei University
University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Sociology