Technological development and diffusion are raising tensions and the stakes of maritime conflicts in East Asia by empowering states to utilize resources at sea more thoroughly, and to more thoroughly surveil maritime space with surface and subsurface autonomous ships and submersibles (drones) that can even serve as weapons platforms. Rising maritime tensions in East Asia have also been playing out in the Arctic region, where China, Japan and South Korea have been vying for influence and projecting competing visions of Arctic maritime governance. The 2019 NTNU Japan Seminar examines this interaction between technology and East Asian maritime tensions and explores conflict resolution mechanisms, including those based on the UN Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and the development of regional norms and agreements through regional organizations such as the Association of Southeast Asian States (ASEAN).

The seminar examines these challenges and opportunities in four panels:
– The first panel looks at EEZs, fishing and renewable energy.
– The second panel considers seabed mining.
– The third panel will cast light on the security and UNCLOS issues raised by island building, intelligence gathering and scientific surveying.
– The fourth panel deals with East Asian Maritime Competition and the Arctic.