Setting Cadres’ Minds Straight

10:30 to 12:00
Chinese poster from 1985
«Chairman Mao reports on the rectification at the cadre meeting in Yan’an — PLA calendar 1985» Photo:

“New Perspectives on the Cadre-Verification Campaign during the Yanan Days, 1943-45″ by Chen Yung-fa, Academia Sinica.

Welcome to a new lecture in the “Centenary of the Chinese Communist Party” series this autumn semester: New Perspectives on the Cadre-Verification Campaign during the Yanan Days, 1943-45 by Chen Yung-fa, Academia Sinica.

Last year Xi Jinping called for stepping up a purge of cadre in the political and judicial apparatus in the style of Yanan rectification.  This year, he has repeatedly demanded to use history as a mirror in his commemorating speech for the anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. This lecture demystifies the official master narrative of the Yanan rectification campaign and explains why Xi Jinping’s objective would fail if he really chose to stick to it.

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