Taijiquan seminar with Chen Xianglin

Oct 28, 2023 - Nov 5, 2023
(GMT+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

Chen Xianglin was born in Chenjiagou, the origin place of Taiji. He is the 20th generation successor of the Chen’s Family Taiji. He was trained by his uncle, Master Chen Xiaoxing who is also his official master. He is known as the Chenjiagou “Twister Tiger” of the “Nine Tigers of Taiji” and holds Level Six of Chinese Martial Arts. He is a national first-tier referee and Taiji professional, and has won medals and prizes in national competitions and is the Founder of Chen Taichi School, Shanghai. Born in Chenjiagou, Chen Xianglin loved the traditional Taiji skills since he was a child. After being trained systematically at Chenjiagou Taiji School and putting in his own hard work, his Taiji skills have become increasingly sophisticated. He has practiced Taiji with his cousin Chen Ziqiang all year round for years as well. Teacher Chen Xianglin excels in both new and old frames of Chen style Taiji. His Taiji frame is as powerful as a rainbow, and his energy is quick, fierce and crisp. In recent years, he has performed and taught Taiji around the world, and is widely complimented in high regards. He has accumulated rich experience as a Taiji instructor.Read more about the teacher in this interview with Chen Xianglin by David Gaffney and Davidine Siaw-Voon Sim https://www.chentaijiquangb.com/10…/in-conversationChen Xianglin will visit SK Djerv to teach two weekend seminars on October 28.-29 and November 4.-5. 2023, and he will also teach morning and evening classes in the week in between. The content of the classes will depend on the level of the participants, but will include Zhan Zhuang (Standing pose), Chan Si Gong (Silk reeling), Chen Shi Taiji Laojia Yi Lu and Er Lu, and Tuishou (Pushing hands).

The classes will take place in Vitalitetsenteret Kultursalen/the Hall, at Møhlenpris School, and at Katten school BHG, please see the schedule for what activity takes place in what location.

Tentative program https://docs.google.com/…/1F7bo41iMZs20AuBR8…/edit…Register for the seminar and classes: https://forms.gle/V6C6WmY3vLaiZ2Li6#ChenXianglin


Bergen, Hordaland

SK Djerv og Sort Drage Taijiquan-klubb
Vitalitetsenteret Kultursalen/the Hall, at Møhlenpris School, and at Katten school BHG

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