Taiwan Nordic Forum 2023: Introduction & Innovation – Learning Across Borders

10:00 to 11:15
ISDP Taiwan-Nordic Forum 2023 – Day 1

As part of ISDP’s Taiwan Studies Project, the Institute is hosting the Taiwan-Nordic Forum 2023. The forum will bring together Nordic and Taiwanese scholars and experts who are distinguished figures in their respective fields, in an effort to better understand conflicting political, economic, and diplomatic realities, ISDP hopes that this will provide a platform for valuable discussion and exchange.   


Governments in both Scandinavia and Taiwan are dedicating significant resources to bolster innovation, be it in tech, environmental protection, or even health care. Yet, what does it mean for a government to facilitate innovation? Could there be lessons learned for policymakers in different contexts on how to approach “innovation”, perhaps in spite of contextual differences?

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