The Living House – Japanese inspired architecture in a Danish context

17:00 to 19:00
Public Lecture

Asia House invites all those interested in modern architecture, Japan and environmental sustainability, to take part when Danish duo Jens Martin Suzuki-Højrup and Carsten Erichsen present “The Living House – Japanese inspired architecture in a Danish context”, about their sustainable tract houses, which are inspired by Japanese architecture.

Hailing from Skanderborg, the pair are creating a stir with their innovative homes, which were recently launched on the Danish market. Architect Jens Martin Suzuki-Højrup and building constructor Carsten Erichsen have developed a series of prefabricated houses that answer to the modern family’s needs: optimal living space at a lower budget, that convenes with nature and produces a lesser CO2 footprint. In fact, The Living House will be represented at the annual Climate Festival in Skanderborg on 1 April this year.

Indiakaj 16 2100 Copenhagen Denmark

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