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The Olympics were to make Japan a digital front-runner: could COVID-19 do it instead?

February 25, 2021 - 10:00-11:00

Lecture by Karen Ejersbo Iversen
Part of the TUEC 2021 lecture series

For decades Japan has held the ambition of becoming an international leader in digitalization. The e-
Japan strategy launched in 2001, was designed to make Japan an “IT-superpower”, and a government
statement from 2014 dealt with Japan as “The World’s most advanced IT-nation 2016-2020”. Additionally,
there have been numerous strategies for the digitalization of the Japanese public sector.
The 2020 Olympics were expected to showcase Japan as a digital front-runner, a Society 5.0. These
Olympic plans can therefore be seen to parallel the 1964 Olympics, where Japan re-emerged as a modern,
industrial nation and impressed the international community with its shinkansen trains, advanced
architecture, etc.
The 2020 Olympics are now postponed, and Japan’s digital advancements no longer seem quite as
impressive as planned either. However, there are signs that the major and sudden changes brought on by
Covid-19 have highlighted several of the actual obstacles for promoting digitalization in Japanese society.
The discussion on how best to deal with them has now begun.
How come Japan has faced such difficulties in achieving its goals in the digital sphere, and why might
Covid-19 perhaps be a greater opportunity than the Olympics for making actual progress? These are the
issues this presentation will attempt to clarify and address.

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Organizers: Tokai University European Center & Denmark-Japan Society

The Olympics were to make Japan a digital front-runner: could COVID-19 do it instead?


February 25, 2021