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The pilgrimage to Mount Kawakarpo: A metaphor for bardo?

March 25, 2014 - 16:15-18:00

Guest lecture by Dr. Katia Buffetrille (EPHE, Centre de recherche sur les civilisations de l’Asie intérieure, Paris)
Presentation about Tibetan popular beliefs concerning death, bardo and the hells in connection with the Kawakarpo pilgrimage and pilgrims’ perception of the landscape.
Abstract: Mount Kawakarpo (Kha ba dkar po) rises on the border between Yunnan and the Tibetan district of Tshawarong in Sichuan. At 6740 m, it is the highest peak in Yunnan and the most sacred of all mountains for the Khampas, who consider it as their most important territorial god. During three circumambulations of the mountain, in 2003 and 2004, I was able to interview pilgrims and observe the rites they performed. The most striking features of this pilgrimage are the elements of the landscape, which are related to bardo (the intermediate existence between death and rebirth) and the hells.
Venue: seminar room 10, P. A. Munch’s house, University of Oslo
The lecture is organized by the interfacultary Research Seminar in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies series funded by Religion in Pluralist Societies (PluRel).
The pilgrimage to Mount Kawakarpo: A metaphor for bardo?


March 25, 2014