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The Way of Zen: Only Don’t Know.

November 7, 2012 - 16:15-18:00

Hyon Gak Sunim , Zen teacher and monk, Munich, Germany

 Educated at Harvard and Yale and the former Buddhist Chaplain at Harvard University, Hyon Gak Sunim has given public talks at numerous universities such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Columbia, New York, Universite de Paris, University of London, among many others, in addition to colleges, divinity schools, and countless temples throughout Korea

Zen Buddhism sees itself as a path towards gaining direct insight into the very nature of Self, right in this life.  Wrongly described, at times, as being “anti-intellectual,” Zen is instead a radical assertion of the direct experience of enlightenment through meditation by avoiding the ontological traps that come with thinking, in all its forms.  “Not depending on words and speech, a special transmission outside the Sutras; Pointing directly to mind, see your own nature and become Buddha.”  Eschewing concepts, ideas, dogmas, theories, and even some of Buddhism’s most sacrosanct teachings themselves, Zen is, at its very core, perhaps the most total epistemological self-deconstruction in the history of philosophy and world religions.  “If you meet the Buddha on the way, then kill the Buddha.”  Can it get any more radical than that?  This seminar, led by a renowned American-born Zen practitioner with some 25 years of intensive retreat experience, will be an attempt to present the view of Zen, while simultaneously offering that, in fact, Zen has no fundamental view, and, far from being an overly radical restatement of the Buddha’s teachings, in fact is situated at the heart of the Buddha’s enlightenment itself, and also at the heart of our own Western Socratic tradition.

Venue: to be announced

Organizer: Oslo Buddhist Studies Forum

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The Way of Zen: Only Don’t Know.


November 7, 2012