Theory from the Margins: Religion, Politics, Aesthetics. MF CASR Lunch with Moumita Sen

11:30 to 12:00

The separation of the religious and the political is posing new problems in Europe, while religious populisms emerge in cahoots with neoliberal capitalism and other novel configurations in the global South. Scholars working on religious politics in various regions of the global South, even those studying Europe, have long pondered the validity of the Euro-American separation of religion and politics as distinct analytical categories in the global South. This project analyses the entanglements of religiosity, popular politics, and aesthetic practices in the public sphere by building on concepts emerging from studies of the global South.

This is an off-shoot of the Theory from the Margins collective, a popular online platform for discussions on questions of decolonisation of critical theory.

Takes place online and in person – see more details here