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Uppsala book launch and talk: A Revolutionary in British India

October 15, 2013 - 15:00-16:30

The Department of History, Uppsala University (pictured right) is hosting a book launch and talk with the wiriter Kali Ghosh on the 15 October 2013, as a part of their series Historic Seminars.
Kali Ghosh grew up in Bengal when the independence movement against British colonial rule spread like wild-fire. He came to political awareness during its “terrorist phase” in the 1920s, when the leading Congress movement leaders were either jailed or withdrew from the larger scene. He was one of the many disillusioned young men and women who found no other way to battle the British than violence. —Kali Ghosh himself became particularly good at making explosives. Jailed and deported to England, he met a Swedish woman, journalist and translator, in London. She encouraged him to write and share the account of a young mind in the movement, far from the biographies of the leading Indian nationalists. It is now published as Kali Ghosh, The Autobiography of a Revolutionary in British India (New Delhi: Social Science Press 2013). The manuscript will be donated at the seminar to the archived collections of Uppsala University. Introduction by Prof. Gunnel Cederlöf, Department of History, Uppsala University. More information.
Uppsala book launch and talk: A Revolutionary in British India


October 15, 2013