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Uppsala workshop on the European Discovery of ‘Hindi’

June 4, 2014 - 09:45-17:00

The Institute for Linguistics and Philology at Uppsala University organises a workshop on ”Francois-Marie de Tours and the European Discovery of ‘Hindi’”. The Uppsala workshop will try to unite researchers working on the early Hindi grammatical traditions of Western scholars and travellers, missionary linguistics and the works on Hindi by François-Marie de Tours in particular. It will try to contextualize the scholarly erudition of the early research work on Indian languages in the wider scope of the European intellectual encounter with India in the late 17th and early 16th century, when several European East India trading companies were founded in several countries (including a Swedish East India Company), and the Catholic mission reached out from the coastal regions to many parts of the subcontinent and towards Tibet, while being caught up in the struggle on missionary strategies during the lifetime of François-Marie de Tours. 

Workshop participants include Ram Prasad Bhatt, Gerd Carling, Gunilla Gren-Eklund, Heinz Werner Wessler, Claus Peter Zoller and other invited scholars. 

Please note: The Inauguration and the keynote speech by Prof. Tej Krishan Bhatia on ”The oldest grammar of Hindi: Language Documentation and Field Linguistic Perspectives” from 09.45 is open to everyone, whereas the rest of the workshop, due to the limited numbers of seats, is restricted to pre-registered participants.  

For more information: See the complete programme.

Venue: Uåppsala University. Room 9-3042   


Uppsala workshop on the European Discovery of ‘Hindi’


June 4, 2014