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Web based SYDASIEN gives in-depth stories about South Asian development

June 18, 2021 - 17:03

Is your field of interest within South Asia? The online journal Sydasien.se is the only swedish journal featuring South Asia related articles focusing on cultural issues and political debates. You will also find various articles on recent news and events, in-depth research accounts, stories from NGO-organizations work in the region, Human Rights issues, Womens & Childrens Rights issues, Enviromental issues and Poverty issues.

For 34 years the Swedish-language print magazine SYDASIEN played an important role to disseminate news and information on South Asia. With popularly written articles on politics, history, literature and culture in the eight countries that consist South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) SYDASIEN was a unique feature in Scandinavia till the magazine closed down in late 2010.

SYDASIEN editors Lars Eklund (1982–2007), John Senewiratne (2008–2010) and Johanna Sommansson.

Lars Eklund, now SASNET deputy director, was the editor in chief for 25 years, during the period 1982–2007. Go for the 2007 web page, with an index back in timeFrom 2008 till the closure in 2010, the magazine was edited by John Senewiratne in Norrköping.

However, Since 2011 SYDASIEN has resurfaced in a brand new shape, as a high-quality Internet based web magazine. It was launched by the new editor of the magazine, Ms. Johanna Sommansson (photo), holding an MA in Social Anthropology and a BA in Indology from Stockholm University. 

Go for the Sydasien.se
You may also join Sydasien.se via Facebook: www.facebook.com/sydasien


Web based SYDASIEN gives in-depth stories about South Asian development


June 18, 2021