Webinar: Fair Recruitment in Review: The Philippines to Taiwan: Falling Through the Cracks?

10:00 to 17:00

The successful economy of Taiwan, including its vital manufacturing and electronics sector is dependent on foreign labour making it a key country of destination with more than 700,000 migrant workers currently employed there. This includes 150,000 migrant workers from the Philippines part, of the 2.2 million Philippines nationals who work abroad.

The Philippines is frequently held up as the origin state that does more than any other to protect its overseas workers, and Taiwan has earned a reputation as a progressive, rights-respecting state. Both countries have robust legal and regulatory frameworks to manage the recruitment and employment of foreign workers, and when these systems function as they have been designed, the positive outcomes for workers are evident. Yet as this recent 5 Corridors report by FairSquare has shown many thousands of workers are still falling through regulatory cracks and enduring serious abuses as a result.

This event is organised by the Institute for Human Rights and Businesses.

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