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World Literature and the World of Literature

September 22, 2021 - 10:56


What is world literature? Do certain writers set out to write world literature
while others are content to write national literature? 
This course is directed at all those studying literature and its contexts, at
those engaged in the investigation and analysis of translation and its
consequences, and in the analysis of translators and their agendas.
Our guest speakers are experts on Chinese literature; both have
contributed through translation to the western reception of Chinese
literature; and both can speak of how western literature may appear from a
foreign perspective, and of how a concept of world literature might be
negotiated or contested by various parties whose interests may be
political, aesthetic, commercial or academic.
We welcome any research projects that include literature and/or translation
from any culture and in the widest of senses.
Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts is May 4th. 


World Literature and the World of Literature


September 22, 2021