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Zac O’Yeah now established writer on the Indian books market

September 20, 2021 - 18:38

Swedish writer Zac O’Yeah, since several years residing in Bangalore, India, and married to the author Anjum Hasan, is now getting more and more recognition as an established literary person in his adopted homeland India. Zac O’Yeah, who has published twelve books in Swedish language, among them a biography on Mahatma Gandhi (which was short-listed for the August Prize 2008 for best nonfiction book of the year), and a brilliant book on Indian religion, recently published a crimi book for the Indian market entitled ”Mr Majestic – the Tout of Bengaluru”, that already has become a bestseller.

The Indian magazine Outlook in its March 25th, 2013 issue described Zac and his writing as follows:
”Pitted against Scandinavian crime fiction, which is having a long season, Mr Majestic – the Tout of Bengaluru, is Bollywood to European arthouse. And no, not the ‘meaningful’ multiplex cinema of today either, filmed in shades of blue and bleak, but gloriously, unabashedly Technicolor with full-on frontal lighting, over-the-top escapades and sheer joy seeping out of every frame, as summed up in Paul Fernandes’ cheeky cover art. Zac O’Yeah – Swedish by birth, incidentally, and Bangalorean by choice – casts a droll eye on everything familiar to the urban Indian, and a lot that escapes him entirely, and wrings out a novel that’s not quite like anything done before in the English language.”

Read the full book review, written by Sumana Mukherjee.


Zac O’Yeah now established writer on the Indian books market


September 20, 2021