How to use the AsiaPortal

The AsiaPortal consists of two kinds of information sources:

  • information resources for researchers, students and others focusing on Asia in their research
  • information about Nordic research and academic activities focusing on Asia

If you are looking for information for your research you can browse our e-resources either by geographical region or by subjects on the starting page under E-resources and find databases, online journals (some only with back-access to the archives), and the latest issues of a collection of Asian newspapers. If you are from an NNC institution, you can also freely download a number of NIAS Press e-books.
Some of the e-resources are only accessible if you are coming from an NNC – Nordic NIAS Council institution (click the link to get to the list of NNC institutions). To login as a staff or student at an NNC institution you use your normal institutional login. For all e-resources, except the journals, you will first come to a landing page where you will find more information about the content of the resource, keywords, if there are a limited number of simultaneous users, and for some of the Chinese and Japanese databases also user guides.
Under the title Nordic Perspectives you can keep up to date with news and events from the Nordic Asian studies community, read our free online journal Asia in Focus – a Nordic journal on Asia by early career researchers, browse the archive of our In Focus blog with articles, analyses and comments on up to date issues in Asia by Nordic researchers and journalists (2008-), or the collection of Asia-focused publications in a number of Nordic institutional repositories (c. 2008-2013), as well as find information on Nordic research networks on Asia.

Common problems

E-resources licensed for NNC member institutions
Please note that some of the e-resources and online journals are only available for users at NNC institutions. For these e-resources users from NNC institutions have to login using their normal institutional login.

If you cannot login:

  • Are you coming from an NNC member institution? If not, you cannot login to the licensed resources marked as for NNC only.
  • For some resources the number of simultaneous users are very limited. Maybe there are already maximum number of users logged in right now. Or maybe you accidentally locked yourself out, by going in and out of the databases without logging out of the database so that the database thinks you are a number of different simultaneous users. Try again in half an hour!

Are you logged in but still cannot download a file?

  • Are you actually logged in? Some databases which require login by an authorized user (=from an NNC institution) will still allow you to search the database, but you cannot download any full-text documents.
  • For some databases we do not have access rights to all of the material available. Check the presentation of the database!
  • For some databases there are alternative file formats, e g excel file or CAJ file. Check the presentation of the database!

If you still cannot login, you can always send us a message via the green feedback/contact button on the left side of your screen, or contact us at
Please remember to always include screen dumps showing the problem you have, and please also tell us from where you are coming: if you are sitting at an NNC institution or if you are trying to login from outside your institution, and if you went via your own institutions home page or directly via the Asiaportal.