Common problems

All the e-resources have a presentation page where you can read more about the content and if there are conditions for using this particular resource. For some of the Chinese and Japanese e-resources you can also find a basic user guide here.

E-resources licensed for NNC member institutions

Please note that some of the e-resources and online journals are only available for users at NNC institutions. For these e-resources users from NNC institutions have to login using their normal institutional login.

Here are some of the most common problems:

If you cannot login:

  • Are you coming from an NNC member institution? If not, you cannot login to the licensed resources marked as for NNC only.
  • For some resources the number of simultaneous users are very limited. Maybe there are already maximum number of users logged in right now. Or maybe you accidentaly locked yourself out, by going in and out of the databases without logging out of the database so that the database thinks your a number of different simultaneous users. Try again in half an hour!

Are you logged in but still cannot download a file?

  • Are you actually logged in? Some databases which require login by an authorized user (=from an NNC institution) will still allow you to search the database, but you cannot download any full-text documents.
  • For some databases we have not got access rights to all of the material available. Check the presentation of the database!
  • For some databases there are alternative file formats, e g excel file or CAJ file. Check the presentation of the database!

If you still cannot login, you can always send us a message via the contact us function.