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News From the Nordic Region

    ASIANET 2021 conference

    Find more info on the conference website:  [...]

    Open Seminar/Webinar: The Myanmar Spring Revolution: What, Why and How?

    Myanmar Spring matured and became a full-fledged revolution on 7 September 2021, when the National Unity Government of Myanmar declared an armed people’s self-defence or war against the oppressive Myanmar military or Tatmadaw. This presentation, organised by Stockholm Center for [...]

    China’s New Data Law: Implications of the law for Danish-Chinese Research Collaboration

    Organizers: Social Science at Sino Danish Center for Education and Research (SDC) and Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) in Shanghai On 1st November 2021, the new data law of China, the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), will be enforced. PIPL sets fundamental requirements [...]

    Theory from the Margins: Religion, Politics, Aesthetics. MF CASR Lunch with Moumita Sen

    The separation of the religious and the political is posing new problems in Europe, while religious populisms emerge in cahoots with neoliberal capitalism and other novel configurations in the global South. Scholars working on religious politics in various regions of [...]

    Online Seminar: “Anime as Political Theory”

    Can anime be approached as a mode of political theory? In the 96th Stockholm Seminar on Japan, Mari Nakamura examines how popular science fiction animation conceptualizes different aspects of emancipation – one of the key concepts in modern political theory. [...]