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News From the Nordic Region

    Book talk: Overcoming Isolationism: Japan’s Leadership in East Asian Security Multilateralism

    In the wake of the Cold War, Japan suddenly reversed years of steadfast opposition to security cooperation with its neighbors. Long isolated and opposed to multilateral agreements, Japan proposed East Asia’s first multilateral security forum in the early 1990s, emerging [...]

    Dyk ned i kinesisk samtidslitteratur

    NB: Event in Danish only. Kinesisk litteratur er mangfoldig som landet selv og er for mange af os ukendt. Forlaget Korridor har med sin smukke novella-serie sørget for, at vi nu kan blive præsenteret for en mere facetteret indgang til [...]

    Rallying for Democracy? Thailand’s Latest Student Protests

    ASIANET: fokus webinar with NIAS Director Duncan McCargo, Senior Researcher with the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) Marte Nilsen, and foreign news journalist and former Asia correspondent for Aftenposten Kristoffer Rønneberg. Although Thailand held an election in March 2019, the clique of generals who [...]

    What Happened To The ‘New Malaysia’? Politics Since The 2018 Elections

    Webinar sponsored by the New York Southeast Asia Network, NYU Wagner, and the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies. NOTE: This virtual event will take place on September 23 at 8PM NY/September 24 at 2AM in Denmark/September 24 at 8AM Malaysia. May [...]

    Webinar: Asian Cities in the Global (Urban) Governance of COVID-19

    Networking Cities in a Time of Crisis: Asian Cities in the Global (Urban) Governance of COVID-19 by Prof Michele Acuto (ARI ASIA TRENDS 2020) Prior to the advent of the coronavirus pandemic cities the world over had been progressively taking [...]