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News From the Nordic Region

    Lecture: “Chinese Perspectives on Taiwan and Colonial Expansion in the Ming and Qing Dynasties”

    In this talk, hosted by the University of Helsinki, Leigh Jenco (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK) surveys the background intellectual contexts that made encounters with otherness–in Taiwan and elsewhere–thinkable for Chinese travelers and literati in the late [...]

    CfP: Seasons of Revolutions. Transnational Lives of Nationalist Revolts

    The Asia Research Institute of the National University of Singapore invites to hand in papers for a conference on revolutions in Asia. Specific foci will be on three key revolutions in Asia: (1) constitutional revolutions from the early 20th century [...]

    The Best We Share: Nation, Culture and World-Making in the UNESCO World Heritage Arena

    ToRS and ADI are pleased to invite you to a book talk with Christoph Brumann from the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle. About the book The UNESCO World Heritage Convention is one of the most widely ratified international [...]

    Stockholm Seminar: “The Ethics of Affect: Lines and Life in a Tokyo Neighborhood”

    In the 94th Stockholm Seminar on Japan, Patrick W. Galbraith will present his new book: The Ethics of Affect: Lines and Life in a Tokyo Neighborhood on Wednesday, September 22nd 0221. The book examines how manga/anime-style characters trigger affect in [...]

    Taming the City: Urbanisation, Buddhism, and new Religious Topographies in Post-Soviet Buryatia

    Public lecture by Dr. Kristina Jonutytė, Vilnius University Buryat Buddhism has historically been tightly linked with the rural milieu. Since its spread in the 18-19th centuries, its temples and lamas were initially nomadic, although settled monasteries did form later to serve the [...]