17. Feb 2023 / 25 min

Challenging the Malayan Nationhood: Imaginations and Activism by the Peranakan Chinese

A conversation with Bernard Keo. Hosted by Mai Van Tran.

Are there viable alternatives to the ethnocentric model of nation-state in post-colonial societies? How did the Peranakan, a non-Malay community, imagine a different Malayan nation and strive to materialize it? How might researchers thoroughly investigate the political history of a marginalised group? And do the historical experiences from Malaya offer relevant lessons for resisting present-day ultra-nationalist developments elsewhere? In this episode, Dr. Bernard Keo, a Lecturer at La Trobe University, joins Dr. Mai Van Tran, a postdoc at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, to discuss his research on nation building, based on an extensive interrogation of Malaya’s complex path to independence.

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10. Mar 2023 / 28 min

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