4. Mar 2022 / 35 min

Thai Totalitarians? Why the Love of Authoritarian Symbols?

A discussion with Verita Sriratana. Hosted by Petra Alderman

Why did Restart Thailand, a 2020 student-led pro-democracy movement, sport a red Communist-style logo with a hammer and sickle? Why did a Thai BNK48 singer wear a swastika t-shirt for the band’s 2019 concert rehearsal? And why did the latest Thai junta produce a video of two boys applauding a portrait of Adolf Hitler to promote Thai values? Verita Sriratana, an Associate Professor in Literary Studies at Chulalongkorn University, discusses this deeply troubling Thai infatuation with Nazi and Communist symbolism with Petra Alderman (prev. Desatova), an Associate Researcher at NIAS.

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21. Apr 2023 / 33 min

The Promise of Multispecies Justice

A conversation with Sophie Chao. Hosted by Terese Gagnon.

How might we imagine justice in times of ecological harm? How are human struggles for social justice entangled with the lives of other beings including plants, animals, fungi, and microbes? What is at stake when claims are made about who or what is the subject of justice? These questions and more are explored in this […]

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30. Jun 2023 / 35 min

Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations: A Clash of Identities?

A conversation with Farhat Taj. Hosted by Kenneth Bo Nielsen.

With Afghanistan once again under Taliban rule and Pakistan reeling under a severe economic and political crisis, the relationship between the neighbouring countries is growing increasingly tense. How can we understand this contentious situation? And, what are the consequences for the civilian population? To discuss these question, and current Afghanistan-Pakistan relations more generally, Kenneth Bo […]

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