24. May 2023 / 27 min

The Politics of Community Making in New Urban India

Ritanjan Das and Kenneth Bo Nielsen

How is urban India changing? And how do communities inhabit and transform India’s new cities and urban spaces? In this episode Kenneth Bo Nielsen is joined by Ritanjan Das to discuss a new book co-authored by Das and Nilotpal Kumar titled The Politics of Community-making in New Urban India: Illiberal Spaces, Illiberal Cities (Routledge, 2023). The book explores the relationship between the production of new urban spaces and illiberal community-making in contemporary India. Based on ethnographic research in Noida, bordering the national capital Delhi, Ritanjan Das introduces us to a transforming urban India, and the often exclusivist forms of solidarity it generates.

Ritanjan Das is Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth.

Kenneth Bo Nielsen is an Associate Professor at the dept. of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo and one of the leaders of the Norwegian Network for Asian Studies.

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