10. Jun 2022 / 30 min

What Happened to the Farm Law Movement?

A Conversation with Amandeep Sandhu. Hosted by Kenneth Bo Nielsen.

The prolonged farmers’ protests that unfolded in India in 2020-2021 undoubtedly represents the most significant and successful farmers’ movement in the country in recent decades. Often referred to as the farm law movement, protesting farmers demanded the withdrawal of three new laws that would have considerably liberalised agricultural production and trade. Their demands were met after more than a year of protests, in December 2021, when Prime Minister Modi – in an unprecedented policy setback – announced that the controversial laws would be repealed. Yet since then, we have not heard much from the many farmers unions and organizations that made up the movement. What’s has become of the farm law movement? And, what kind of lasting legacy has it left on Indian popular politics? To discuss these questions, we are joined by the award-winning author, journalist, and columnist Amandeep Sandhu, who has closely followed and worked with the farm law movement from its inception.

Amandeep Sandhu writes regularly for The Caravan, Scroll, and The Hindu. He has been a Fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, and is currently a Homi Bhabha Fellow. Sandhu is the author of several books, including “Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines” from 2019.

Kenneth Bo Nielsen is an Associate Professor at the dept. of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo and one of the leaders of the Norwegian Network for Asian Studies.

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