Beijing Women Organizing for Change: A New Wave of the Chinese Women’s Movement

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November 1, 2016 - 15:47 -

Cecilia Nathansen Milwertz 2011 Independent and quasi-independent organizing in China really began earliest in the women’s community but the importance of this 15-year experience has not been documented adequately. The book first introduces the emergence since the mid-1980s of new

China Academic Journals (CAJ) & Century Journals Project (CJP)

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November 25, 2019 - 13:01 -

China Academic Journals Full-text Database (CAJ) & Century Journals Project (CJP) together provide access to full-text and full-image interdisciplinary Chinese journals from 1915 to present. The content available to NNC members is from 4 sections: * Literature/history/philosophy, * Politics/military affairs/law,