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National Library of China Digital Collections – Ancient books


The National Library of China  provides free access to the content in the  古籍资源 section of their Digital collections of Ancient books The collection includes 文研汉籍影像库、法藏敦煌遗书、哈佛大学善本特藏、天津图书馆古籍、云南图书馆古籍、上海图书馆家谱、数字古籍、赵城金藏、中华医药典籍、碑帖菁华、敦煌遗珍、甲骨世界、年画撷英、前尘旧影、数字方志、宋人文集、西夏论著、西夏文献、中华古籍善本联合书目、徽州家谱20个资源库. Using Chrome browser is recommended.

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Journal of Current Chinese Affairs


The Journal of Current Chinese Affairs is a peer reviewed, Open Access academic journal published three times a year by the GIGA Institute for Asian Studies, Hamburg. The journal focuses on current developments in Greater China.

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